1. "I think tomorrow will be exciting. I can feel it in my spokes."


  2. "I’m a bit worried. Rider should have been back by now. There’s a creepy feeling in the air, and I don’t like it. I also don’t like the feel of this substance covering my body … it’s beginning to feel … sticky?"


  3. "Imagine if time stood still? What would that sound like?"


  4. "Nope. Don’t even think about it. Not you. Not you. Not you. Definitely not you with the pipe. Hmm…maybe you in the yellow. Hello! … not her. Not him. Not that guy…"


  5. "Ever since this stupid goat appeared it’s like snap snap snap. All freakin’ day. And look at him. Look how stupid he looks.What the heck is a goat doing in a clothing store window anyway. I guess it’s supposed to be cool or something… whatever. Snap away everyone! Happy snapping! Blaaaa."


  6. front bicycle - “I’m a few centimetres taller than you.”

    back bicycle - “Nuh uh. Are you blind?”

    front bicycle - “You’re stretching your handlebars. Doesn’t count. Everyone knows the most reliable way to measure is from the seat.”

    back bicycle - “Seriously?! Sometimes I don’t even recognise you with the nonsense you say. Ever since your Rider changed your wheels … I don’t know, something’s off.” 

    front bicycle - “What! Well, if you think I’m so dumb, I just won’t talk to you for the rest of the day. See how you like that.”

    back bicycle - “Oh c’mon! Such a baby. Whatever… peace and quiet for me.”


  7. "I don’t like the way he’s looking at Rider. I should probably get prepared for a swift exit off this train."


  8. I feel charming, oh so charming, it’s alarming how charming I feel, and so pretty, that I hardly can believe I’m real… hmm, hmm, hmm… ”


  9. "People stare as if I’m some kind of alien. I kind of like it."


  10. "I hope she doesn’t come back crying this time. It’s always such a tough ride back."


  11. "Waffeln. They’re so hot right now … we went past like 4 signs for them already. I wonder what topping the Rider would choose. She seems like a rote Grütze kinda gal."


  12. "So happy together - ba ba ba ba, how is the weather -  ba ba ba ba … "


  13. "I just can’t bear the thought of letting him down. My Rider is such a great guy."


  14. "The Rider was super excited today. We went all over and we went fast." 


  15. "Good posture is the secret to elegance. It’s amazing what an unknown fact that seems to be."